Animal Facility Compliance Manager

Location: Naples, FL
Job Title: Animal Facility Compliance Manager
Department: Operations
Location: Immokalee, FL
Job Overview:
The Animal Facility Compliance Manager plays a crucial role in maintaining operational efficiency and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards at our In Vivo Primate Quarantine and Breeding Facility. This position involves managing standard operating procedures (SOPs), overseeing quality control, conducting inspections, interacting with regulatory agencies, providing oversight for the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), reviewing protocols, delivering training, monitoring compliance, and collaborating with research teams.
- SOP Management:
- Assess, revise, and uphold SOPs to meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.
- Develop new SOPs to address emerging compliance needs.
- Quality Control:
- Ensure adherence to SOPs through regular assessments.
- Address any deviations from established procedures.
- Inspections:
- Conduct comprehensive inspections every quarter and semi-annually, and document findings and corrective actions.
- Regulatory Agency Interactions:
- Act as the main point of contact for regulatory agency representatives during site inspections.
- Coordinate and lead tours for regulatory and sponsor representatives.
- Collaboration:
- Ensure animal care and research activities comply with regulatory standards.
- Provide guidance and training on compliance matters to staff.
- Stay informed about industry trends, regulations, and recommended best practices.
- Assist in managing the budget for compliance activities.
- Prepare and submit necessary reports to regulatory agencies and sponsors.
- Investigate and resolve incidents related to compliance.
- Perform risk assessments and propose strategies to mitigate risks.
- IACUC Oversight:
- Lead and supervise the IACUC to ensure ethical and regulatory compliance in animal care and research.
- Manage protocol review and approval, organize committee meetings, and maintain records.
- Training and Education:
- Develop training programs for researchers, staff, and IACUC members.
- Conduct inspections as necessary to monitor ongoing compliance.
- Policy Development:
- Collaborate on shaping and updating institutional policies related to animal care and use.
- Hold a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field.
- Possess at least 4 years of managerial experience in compliance and regulatory management within a similar environment.
- Familiarity with pertinent regulations, including AALAC, FDA, OLAW, and GLP.
- Strong attention to detail and analytical skills.
- Excellent communication and leadership aptitude.
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