Assistant Payroll Accountant

Location: Woodland Hills, CA
Assistant Payroll Accountant
Help the Payroll & Human Resource Accountant with the preparation and maintenance of employee's compensation, benefits, wages, performance evaluations, disciplinary actions, and relationships for one or more sections within a department, project, or division. The responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
1. Executes weekly or biweekly payrolls, ensuring compliance with federal and state wage and hour laws, and processing garnishments, benefits, and taxes.
2. Ensures accurate and timely processing of new hires, temporary workers, transfers, promotions, and terminations.
3. Prepares and audits documents such as W‐4s, payroll balance sheets, and year-to-date earnings.
4. Updates systems to reflect the current employee base, incorporating wages, benefits, sick and vacation time in accordance with agreements for both union and non-union employees.
5. Generates regular management reports, including weekly, monthly, quarterly, and year-end reports on gross payroll, hours worked, vacation accrual, tax deductions, and benefits deductions.
6. Manages various audits, such as payroll, insurance, and tax audits, as needed.
7. Submits weekly payroll tax payments to the State and Federal authorities.
8. Prepares quarterly and yearly Payroll tax filings with the State and Federal authorities.
9. Reconciles bank statements.
10. Maintains employee benefits programs by studying and analyzing benefit needs and trends, providing recommendations to management, processing benefit claims, evaluating benefit contract bids, awarding benefit contracts, and conducting educational programs on benefit programs.
11. Ensures compliance with applicable federal and state human resource requirements by monitoring and implementing necessary measures, and maintaining records.
12. Prepares, updates, and recommends human resource policies and procedures to align with management guidelines.
13. Designs a filing and retrieval system to maintain historical human resource records, keeping past and current records organized.
14. Manages employee relations issues by counseling and disciplining employees, planning and monitoring job performance, and advising management on appropriate resolutions.
15. Administers various benefits programs, including life, health, and dental insurance, pension plans, vacation and sick leave, leave of absence, and employee assistance.
16. Completes additional assignments as directed by the supervisor.
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