CNC/Assembly Process Technician

Location: Hampton, IA

Job Title: CNC/Assembly Process Specialist

Location: Hampton, IA

Salary Range: $55,000 - $65,000

Job Summary of the CNC/Assembly Process Specialist: We are seeking a skilled CNC/Assembly Process Specialist to oversee and enhance the manufacturing processes for CNC machining and assembly. Your role will focus on improving production efficiency, reducing waste, and ensuring the quality and safety of our products.

Job Responsibilities of the CNC/Assembly Process Specialist:

  • Develop and refine standard operational and working practices.
  • Collaborate with manufacturing teams to optimize CNC machining and assembly processes.
  • Identify and resolve issues related to machining and G-code through troubleshooting and problem-solving.
  • Assist in developing work instructions and workflow setup for manufacturing processes.
  • Collaborate with teams to make necessary changes and improvements to existing procedures and workflows.
  • Review production and operating reports to identify and resolve operational and manufacturing problems, minimizing costs and preventing delays.

§Examine and verify the accuracy and completeness of documents such as blueprints, drawings, change orders, and specifications.

§Identify and implement continuous improvement projects.

§Utilize data analysis tools to identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and potential safety hazards in current manufacturing processes.

§Design and implement optimized manufacturing processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure product quality.

§Implement strategies for continuous process improvement.

§Provide training to manufacturing personnel on new processes and procedures, ensuring compliance with safety protocols.

§Maintain comprehensive documentation of manufacturing processes, including standard operating procedures (SOPs), work instructions, and process manuals.

Education & Experience of the CNC/Assembly Process Specialist:

*Knowledge and experience with CNC machining and assembly processes.

*Experience creating work instructions for machine setup and manufacturing processes.

*Technical experience in the field of manufacturing processes.

*Familiarity with G-code and its applications.

*Strong troubleshooting skills.

*Knowledge of engineering principles, various processes, tools, and manufacturing equipment.

*Proficiency in using Microsoft Office Suite.

*Preferred experience with ERP/MRP applications.

*Strong analytical and problem-solving skills to evaluate complex manufacturing processes and identify areas for improvement.

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