CNC Milling Machinist

Location: Zeeland, MI

Ensure machined work meets specifications by using measuring instruments like calipers, micrometers, or fixed or telescoping gauges. Review machining instructions, job orders, or blueprints to determine dimensional or finish specifications, sequences of operations, setups, or tooling requirements. May also replace worn cutting tools using wrenches. Choose and adjust cutting speeds, feed rates, depths of cuts, and cutting tools based on machining instructions or knowledge of metal properties, and install tools in spindles.


· Foster a positive attitude, understand and promote the company's mission and values. Must be capable of working independently and taking responsibility for their work.

· Possess excellent verbal and written communication skills, effectively sharing information with others before and after making decisions. Be open to constructive criticism and listen effectively.

· Take independent action to solve problems, seek out new responsibilities, act on opportunities, generate ideas, and effectively manage risks. Emphasize self-development in the workplace.

· Adopt a practical approach, making thoughtful and timely decisions while considering the impact of those decisions. Actively seek input in the decision-making process and demonstrate consideration for outcomes.

· Exhibit openness to new ideas, adaptability to change, and willingness to assume new responsibilities. Show ability to work under pressure and uncertainty, adjusting work plans to meet evolving company and customer needs.


· Prepare machine for jobs, including securing workpieces to the worktable, adjusting programs using zero and reference points, tool registers, offsets, and compensation.

· Calculate optimal speeds and feeds for machining processes.

· Handle tool loading and unloading and utilize a pre-setter, when necessary.

· Make adjustments to maintain geometric dimensions and tolerances.

· Experience working with large parts on CNC machines.

· Read blueprints to program and operate CNC machines.

· Edit CNC programs as necessary to ensure parts meet requirements.

· Utilize math, geometry, and trigonometry in completing job responsibilities.

· Communicate directly with internal customers or departments to provide estimates of completion and tooling requirements for individual machine projects.

· Manually lift workpieces or direct crane operators to place workpieces on machine tables.

· Position and secure workpieces using clamps, shims, and parallel blocks, verifying position using tools like dial indicators, gauge blocks, and height gauges.

· Use measuring instruments like micrometers, telescoping gauges, Vernier calipers, and dial indicators to ensure machined workpiece dimensions are accurate.

· Collaborate with CNC programmers and team members to optimize and standardize CNC programs.

  • · Prior experience as a CNC Horizontal/Vertical Mill operator is required.
  • · Ability to review part blueprints and ensure machining accuracy.
  • · Proficient in reading and interpreting engineering drawings and specifications, including GD&T notes and specific criteria.
  • · Ability to troubleshoot CNC programs for issues and errors.

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