CNC Turning Machinists

Location: Calimesa, CA
  • Responsible for operating machines, including start up procedures, controlling basic functions, lubrication, and overall machine operations. Also handles material requirements and product handling procedures.
  • Ensures product conformity by following quality plans and utilizing various inspection techniques such as visual inspection, microscope examination, measuring instruments, and gauges.
  • Familiar with the fundamentals of the quality management system.
  • Reads and interprets drawings, and understands defect types, sorting methods, and lot control procedures.
  • Performs tasks in accordance with traveler and work instructions.
  • Completes technical end-of-shift duties, tear down at the end of a job, and adheres to housekeeping procedures.
  • Must possess experience in CNC Turning, with expertise in a variety of machines.
  • We have openings for Machinist positions at both the Entry level and Sr. level.
Entry Level:
A basic-level position that focuses on learning and following procedures for machine operation and product inspection.

Level II:
For individuals with previous experience at levels IV, V, and VI, this intermediate-level position is capable of performing tool changes, adjustments, and demonstrates basic troubleshooting skills.

Level III:
For individuals with previous experience at levels VII and VIII, this advanced-level position can independently set up machines and handle advanced troubleshooting skills and techniques.

Level IV:
For individuals with previous experience at levels IX and X, this master-level position is proficient in advanced troubleshooting on multiple machine types. They also establish manufacturing methods and act as the top performer, leader, and direction-setter for the work area.
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