Engineering Manager – Electrical

Location: Kirkland, WA

Job Description

JOB TITLE Supervisor - Electrical Engineering

DEPARTMENT Engineering

REPORTS TO Company President

Job Description:

The Electrical Engineering Supervisor will lead a team of engineers in the development and implementation of aerospace electrical distribution equipment and flight control systems. They will be responsible for making strategic and operational decisions to manage product development projects and collaborate closely with the engineering team at the parent company. This role also involves maintaining effective communication with customers and demonstrating leadership and technical skills to support the organization's management chain.

Responsibilities: Duties include but are not limited to:

· Lead and guide the engineering team in executing new development and sustaining activities, ensuring prioritization, collaborative research, and effective teamwork.

· Provide technical expertise, mentorship, and coaching to the team for the development and delivery of electrical and hydraulic flight control equipment.

· Coordinate and interact effectively with multiple teams, both internally and externally, to accomplish program objectives.

· Provide recommendations to the parent company's engineering team for resolving technical problems and developing technology strategies.

· Establish and enforce standards, conduct team training, and ensure adherence to company processes.

· Set department goals and develop tactical and operational plans to achieve company objectives.

· Create departmental budgets, schedules, and management plans to ensure adherence to timelines and budgets.

· Supervise the overall operation of the engineering department.

· Provide leadership in the preparation, organization, improvement, and execution of Engineering Masters and Assembly Instructions.

· Manage the company's Core Technical Information and ensure implementation of annual updates and training.

Job Requirements:

· Extensive knowledge of aerospace product development process with a proven track record of successful development and integration of aircraft systems.

· Excellent communication skills to establish and maintain effective horizontal and vertical communication channels.

· Ensure compliance with product configurations through effective document and data control.

· Accountable for technical issues with customers and suppliers, working closely with the parent company and their customers for technical resolutions.

· Expertise in design and operation of flight control actuation systems and electrical distribution panels used in aircraft.

· Experience with failure investigation process including root cause determination and corrective action implementation.

· Ability to propose and facilitate product improvement ideas.

· Familiarity with performance, reliability, safety, FMEA, and FEA engineering and simulation analyses.

· Minimum of 5 years of experience in aerospace project management and leadership.

· Strong people management and customer service skills.

· Effective communication skills to provide and solicit critical information and contribute to professional technical proposals.

· Minimum of a bachelor's degree in engineering or a related technical field.

· 15 years of experience in hydraulic flight control actuation or equivalent.

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