Executive Vice President (EVP)

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Job Description

The position of Chief Operating Officer (COO) is a crucial role within our organization, situated in Minneapolis, MN. As the Executive Vice President (EVP), you will collaborate closely with the Operating Company President to drive and execute the strategic initiatives and objectives across various functional areas such as sales, procurement, operations, finance, and HR. It is your responsibility to ensure the achievement of profit, sales, and expense management metrics in the assigned functional areas. In addition, you will enforce and uphold all company policies and practices to maintain compliance with organizational standards. This position also serves as an executive development role in preparation for future advancement to the Operating Company President role.

Within this role, you will be tasked with developing and implementing strategic initiatives across all functional areas of the Operating Company. It will be essential to assess and evaluate the feasibility of new or revised systems, procedures, and processes to promote continuous improvement.

While you may have direct responsibility for specific functional areas, you are expected to gain expertise and comprehension of all functional areas and their respective standard operating processes.

The role includes supervisory responsibilities, such as performance management, talent development, talent acquisition, and succession planning. It is imperative to demonstrate exceptional leadership skills that foster a respectful and productive work environment, establishing a culture of accountability.

You will be responsible for leading and managing the planning and budgeting process for the assigned functional areas, aligning with the business objectives and establishing both current and long-range goals.

Analyzing financial reporting and statements will also be an integral part of this position, evaluating the progress towards financial objectives and determining the necessary actions for success.

As the Chief Operating Officer, you may also be assigned additional duties as required.

Required Qualifications

- High School Diploma/GED

- 6 - 10 Years of successful senior management experience within the related industry

Preferred Qualifications

- Bachelor's degree in a related field of study

- 10+ years of successful senior management (Director+) experience within the foodservice industry

- Independent sales Director/VP level leadership experience

- Experience in the foodservice distribution industry

- Demonstrated proficiency in P&L management
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