Field Service Technician ~

Location: Vacaville, CA
IT Solution Specialist - Vacaville, CA
Competitive Salary + Expenses + Vacation + Benefits + 401k (paid hourly for travel time)


  • Rare overnight stays, but you may be called upon to visit clients on short notice if their equipment is malfunctioning and affecting their production
  • Familiarity with electrical components, ability to interpret schematics, and basic troubleshooting skills
  • Proficiency in software installation and basic configuration, including confirming IP addresses for remote diagnostics of equipment
  • Basic knowledge of PLC controllers and Camera Inspection equipment is a plus, but not programming expertise
  • Confidence in making decisions in front of clients to resolve problems and restore equipment functionality
An on-site training program is provided, designed to enhance your current knowledge and experience. Additionally, the Service Manager and fellow field technicians will provide support on a daily basis.

This role involves providing service to clients with deployed equipment under service contracts through phone, email, and in-person interaction.

Your responsibilities will include diagnosing, repairing, and documenting equipment repairs. You must remain composed under pressure, work independently, and demonstrate resourcefulness in troubleshooting and on-site repairs. You may also be involved in training clients, relocating, installing, and repairing equipment, as well as educating operators on basic usage and maintenance.

Extensive training is provided on the product and processes after a period of fieldwork and gaining basic knowledge. Advanced training will require time at headquarters. The equipment used is electro-mechanical printing equipment, known for producing high-grade commercial quality and quantities.

Comprehensive company benefits, including medical and dental insurance, expense coverage, and company-provided phone, laptop, car, gas card, and expense account are available.

The equipment is installed in manufacturing and production environments. These are high-volume manufacturing plants that produce various products and packaging, with the equipment integrated into the production flow.

The company is expanding and planning to leverage its unique technology and capabilities. They are about to introduce a new line of equipment that will drive 30%+ growth over the next 5 years, making service and installation crucial.

The IT Solution Specialist role in the area involves working with a high concentration of equipment, resulting in significant time spent on the road. You will likely be home almost every evening.

The company covers all expenses during travel to client locations and offers generous time off and compensatory time. Your schedule will include visits to key client locations and meetings with clients whose issues cannot be resolved remotely or over the phone with technical support.

All travel arrangements are organized by the company's travel service and directly billed to the company whenever possible. You will also be provided with a company credit card for gas and travel expenses.

The company is a trailblazer in the industry, utilized in some capacity by 95% of companies involved in printed material production. Compensation can reach the $80,000s, with many technicians earning six-figure incomes based on travel commitments.

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