Irvine, CA

Firmware Engineer (LR-22855)

Embedded Systems Engineer


· Must be a US Citizen

· Holds a Bachelor’s degree or higher in Electrical, Computer, or an equivalent engineering field

· Possesses 20 years of experience in Verilog or VHDL designs

· Capable of designing and dividing high-speed DSP designs

· Skilled in working with Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+

· Knowledgeable in utilizing Xilinx IP cores, including the latest versions (AXI, PCIe, Memory, IO Interface, etc.)

· Comprehends device architectures and can make strategic decisions when implementing complex algorithms

· Experience with image processing and image compression (DFT, filtering, cropping, statistical sampling, etc.)

· Proficient in generating engineering documentation (requirements, block diagrams, ATPs)

· Aerospace background is a bonus (Focal Plane Electronics, Cryocooler Control Electronics, etc.)

· Familiarity with Microsemi RTAX and ProASIC family is advantageous

· Skilled in representing the team and creating representations for design reviews and technical meetings

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

· Engage with customers and create documents and presentation slides to support design and code review, as well as technical meetings

· Collaborate closely with software, firmware, electrical, and systems engineers to ensure firmware implementations meet product requirements

· Participate in all stages of the FPGA design process - from concept to mass production.

· Develop high-level design requirements and block-level micro-architectures, partitioning designs within an FPGA, and creating specification documents with a focus on reusable and maintainable designs

· Optimize designs for area, speed, and power to meet system requirements; evaluate architectural trade-offs and utilize off-the-shelf IP

· Prototype designs on FPGA, aiming to closely emulate the final product's functionality

· Utilize scripting languages to enhance performance and productivity through automation

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