Forensic Electrical Engineer (remote)

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Role Remote Forensic Electrical Engineer (preferably located in the Central US)


The main responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Performing thorough observations and inspections to determine electrical system failures as the potential cause of losses

  • Collecting and analyzing data at loss sites

  • Consulting relevant codes, standards, and regulations for accurate assessments

  • Documenting evidence and findings gathered during investigations

  • Proficient in capturing photographic evidence of damages related to fires, explosions, or other losses

  • Conducting appropriate tests and acquiring data from samples and artifacts both in the field and in laboratories

  • Performing examinations in laboratory settings

  • Providing analyses of system failures

  • Conducting research and preparing expert reports

  • Interviewing witnesses, property owners, and occupants to gather valuable information during investigations

  • Giving testimony in court proceedings related to investigated losses


  • Maintaining a well-organized system to manage processed information

  • Applying the scientific method effectively in loss investigations

  • Staying updated on the latest developments in fire investigations as outlined in NFPA 1033

  • Willingness to travel when necessary

  • Ability to navigate fire and explosion scenes, crawl, climb, and use ladders

  • Obtaining and maintaining appropriate PPE certifications

  • Proficiency in analyzing loss sites and identifying potential failures

  • Expertise in electrical systems


A bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering is required. Professional Engineering Registration is mandatory. Preferred candidates should have a minimum of 4-6 years of relevant investigative experience.

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