Barstow, CA

I&C Technician


We are currently seeking an experienced Instrumentation and Control Technician to join our team in Barstow, CA. As a technician, you will be responsible for maintaining the power plant and all associated equipment in a safe and efficient manner. This includes performing calibration, tap cleaning, equipment inspection, repair, testing, and troubleshooting tasks. You will also provide technical guidance and training to other maintenance personnel.


  • Adhere to company safety and environmental policies
  • Handle control and shipment of hazardous waste streams
  • Perform maintenance tasks on instrumentation equipment and keep records
  • Diagnose instrument malfunctions and failures of operational equipment
  • Plan, direct, and conduct periodic instrumentation testing; recommend equipment modifications or replacements
  • Test, calibrate, and repair control valves and associated components
  • Develop instrument diagrams, layout drawings, and engineering specifications for modifications or expansions
  • Supervise third-party contractors during instrumentation installation
  • Maintain cleanliness and safety of plant area, equipment, tools, and grounds
  • Take immediate corrective action in emergencies to minimize hazards and reduce plant downtime
  • Monitor and perform maintenance work, including equipment repair and troubleshooting
  • Operate heavy equipment and instrumentation test equipment
  • Read and interpret technical information, such as drawings and maintenance procedures
  • Document equipment problems, write work orders, and issue clearances for safety
  • Provide training and technical guidance to improve skills of co-workers
  • Offer technical guidance on instrumentation systems and equipment to supervisors and managers


To be successful in this role, you should have:

  • High school diploma or GED (preferred but not required)
  • Completed technical or vocational training, including an accredited instrumentation apprenticeship program
  • 3-4 years of power plant maintenance experience
  • Knowledge of electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and mechanical systems
  • Familiarity with equipment construction, operation theories, and procedures
  • Understanding of complex instrumentation and automatic control systems
  • Proficiency in using tools and following plant safety rules
  • Basic knowledge of electrical test equipment and troubleshooting
  • Basic to intermediate computer skills
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