Fort Wayne, IN

Industrial Engineer

The position of Manufacturing Engineer is available at our Fort Wayne, IN location. This role involves providing support to the Industrial Engineering Department and performing various duties, including:
•Taking responsibility for the introduction of new processes and equipment into our production and prototype facilities in NAFTA.
•Assisting production by offering launch and continuous improvement support.
•Reducing production costs by eliminating inefficiencies in manpower and materials.
•Enhancing operational efficiency by planning the utilization of facilities, equipment, materials, and personnel.
•Providing budgetary costing for prompt customer discussions.
•Creating Bills of Materials and Routings in our ERP system.
•Managing the development, procurement, and implementation of tooling, gauging, and manufacturing equipment for new projects.
•Providing a timing plan (including maintenance) to project management for the industrialization and launch of projects.
•Estimating task time and cycle time for any new process.
•Developing equipment and processes that meet quote specifications.
•Offering a bill of tooling and maintaining a complete tracking log.
•Gathering necessary information and creating an MHR calculation for controlling approval.
•Conducting time studies.
•Creating and maintaining standard work instructions (SWI's).
•Reviewing and improving packaging issues.
•Completing FMEA's and process flows as needed.
•Collaborating with management and engineering staff to implement plans and recommendations.
•Analyzing workforce utilization, facility layout, and operational data (such as production costs and process flow charts) to determine efficient utilization of workers and equipment (VUS).
•Suggesting methods to improve worker efficiency and reduce waste of materials and utilities, such as restructuring job duties, reorganizing workflow, relocating workstations and equipment, and purchasing equipment (VUS).
•Managing the maintenance records of machines as part of the preventable maintenance program (VUS).
•Serving as both an external and internal representative of the organization, supporting corporate goals, promoting our location's best interests, and showcasing expertise in our organization, products, and capabilities.
•Effectively communicating and collaborating with Engineering and Project Teams, providing regular updates to ensure sales and customer objectives are met.
•Assisting in launch programs when required.
•Contributing to the achievement of quality and management objectives by optimizing design (of layouts, machines, etc.) to produce high-quality products.
•Adhering to all Quality Management Systems and Environmental Management Systems. When applicable, supporting operations in Mexico to adhere to their systems as well.
•Participating in plant recycling programs.
We require candidates to have a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and at least 2 years of related experience and/or training. Alternatively, an equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered. Experience with computer drafting software (AutoCAD) is also preferred.
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