Maintenance Supervisor of Facilities

Location: FREEPORT, IL
The Facility Maintenance Manager is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of a comprehensive Preventative Maintenance (PM) program. This program aims to extend and protect the company's assets by utilizing plant resources effectively. The Facility Maintenance Manager will ensure that all PM activities align with company operating policies and procedures while maintaining production security. Compliance with safety, legislative, environmental, and certifying authority requirements is paramount. The role requires a high level of confidentiality and the exercise of independent judgment.
1. Ensure the facilities maintain high safety standards by managing a team of direct reports.
2. Coordinate equipment downtime for preventative/planned maintenance work and ensure timely return to production.
3. Collaborate with Mechanical Engineering to schedule and conduct facility hoist checks and necessary maintenance.
4. Oversee the maintenance of lubrication routes and adherence to lubrication schedules.
5. Plan and execute scheduled maintenance on facility equipment.
6. Manage parts ordering for project work, planned maintenance, and non-storeroom items.
7. Coordinate the hiring of outside contractors as required.
8. Support Safety Manager and/or Mechanical Engineer in conducting facility safety inspections and addressing deficiencies.
9. Ensure compliance with relevant regulations, agency standards, and fiscal considerations in maintaining facilities and grounds.
10. Develop, implement, maintain, and review PM maintenance logs for ISO purposes.
11. Summarize maintenance recommendations for relevant Area Managers or Facility Maintenance Managers.
12. Assess long-term needs in relation to major projects and property improvements.
13. Arrange, supervise, and ensure completion of corrective and preventive maintenance following company procedures and financial considerations.
14. Maintain major equipment and furnishings in a safe and operational condition or arrange for replacement as needed.
15. Establish and maintain equipment records as part of the Maintenance Logs.
16. Develop procedures and contacts for timely repairs of equipment requiring frequent minor repairs.
17. Manage bids for major equipment and provide recommendations for replacement or new equipment purchases.
18. Provide training for personnel on equipment safety and maintenance needs.
19. Conduct staff training on various safety and maintenance topics, including the use of maintenance logs, routine facility-specific maintenance, equipment operations, and multimedia fire safety training.
20. Coordinate annual fire safety training with the Safety Director and other employees.
21. Regularly review and ensure compliance with safe work systems and maintenance procedures.
22. Fill in for Facility Maintenance Manager and/or Maintenance Supervisor when necessary.
23. Perform other assigned duties as needed.
- Ideal candidate has a Bachelor's degree in a related field or equivalent combination of education, experience, and training
- Experience in estimating maintenance and repair costs is a valuable asset
- Ability to effectively lead and supervise a multi-task team
- Strong knowledge of maintenance methods and equipment
- Exceptional leadership and interpersonal communication skills
- Experience managing a union workforce is preferred
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