Nutrition Manager (RDN)

Location: Lubbock, TX
The position of Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) is available in Lubbock, TX. As a part of this role, you will contribute to the development of a nutritionally sound and cost-efficient food services program, ensuring it complies with local regulations and guidelines. Using your technical expertise and knowledge of government-mandated nutritional standards, you will create and implement healthy menu plans. Collaboration with the Food & Beverage Development and management teams may also be required.
Responsibilities of the Job:
  • Verify and adjust Food Service orders for accuracy and cost-effectiveness
  • Incorporate commodities into menus effectively
  • Organize the delivery of food within the school district
  • Create menus that adhere to guidelines
  • Regularly visit school cafes
  • Support the development of recipes, menu production, and foodservice management
  • Analyze and provide nutrient information for all food items served
  • Conduct education sessions on healthy eating for clients and the community
  • Assist in training new employees
  • Collaborate with management and supervisors to ensure high-quality food services
Please note: Job responsibilities are subject to change without formal notice.
  • Prior relevant experience is preferred
  • Must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution, with coursework approved by recognized nutrition and dietetics agencies
  • RDN Certification
  • Must obtain and maintain all necessary certifications, registrations, licenses, credentials, and fulfill continuing education requirements
  • Must possess appropriate eligibility to practice dietetics in the geographic location, if applicable
  • Demonstrate a friendly, efficient, and positive customer service attitude towards customers, clients, and colleagues
  • Exhibit a motivating work ethic that inspires others
The Ideal Candidate Must Possess:
  • RDN Certification
  • Bachelor's degree
  • US citizenship
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