Rockville, MD

Physical Therapist

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An established and thriving private practice in Rockville, MD is seeking a skilled Rehabilitation Specialist.

GENERAL RESPONSIBILITIES: Designs, interprets, and executes tailored rehabilitation programs for patients. Must be a registered physical therapist and licensed in the state of practice. Upholds ethical and professional standards, following the guidelines set by the APTA (American Physical Therapy Association).

REPORTING STRUCTURE: Directly reports to the Rehabilitation Director

TEAM MANAGEMENT: Supervises PT Assistants and PT Aides when the Rehabilitation Director/Assistant Director is absent

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Requires excellent range of motion, manual dexterity, and hand-eye coordination; Frequent standing and walking for extended periods; Ability to lift and handle patients; Safe utilization of department equipment; Prolonged sitting and standing, as well as bending and stooping; Competence in administering prescribed treatments, including manipulation and resistance; Clear communication of treatment details to patients and preparation of medical reports; Ability to lift and carry items weighing up to 100 pounds.

WORKING CONDITIONS: Exposure to clinical environment with common diseases and conditions

MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: (This list may not cover all duties)

  1. Create, assess, and modify treatment programs for patients in collaboration with physicians
  2. Administer treatment program as per physician instructions; seek clarification when necessary; consult with physicians and medical staff on patient care matters
  3. Complete timely and compliant evaluations, re-evaluations, progress notes, daily notes, and discharge summaries following company guidelines
  4. Accurate billing of patients and insurance companies based on established procedures; resolve billing issues with Business Office staff
  5. Educate patients and their families on proper care, use of home instructions, and exercise programs
  6. Attend mandatory meetings and in-services
  7. Participate in professional development activities, maintain professional affiliations and licensure
  8. Supervise PT Aides as needed
  9. Perform internal documentation audits periodically (as directed by the Rehabilitation Director/Assistant Director or Executive Director)
  10. Other Duties as Assigned: The employee may be responsible for tasks and assignments beyond the scope of this job description. These additional responsibilities may be related or unrelated to the usual work performed by the employee.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  1. Proficiency in basic computer skills
  2. Thorough understanding of physical therapy principles, practices, standards, and techniques
  3. Familiarity with patient insurance verification procedures
  4. Knowledge of medical terminology
  5. Adherence to Maryland's PT regulations (Title 10.38) and the Guidelines Summary for PTs (DC regulations as applicable, Title 17.67)
  6. Proficiency in operating and maintaining medical equipment
  7. Awareness of common safety hazards and ability to establish a secure work environment
  8. Ability to build and maintain effective relationships with patients, colleagues, and the public
  9. Clear oral and written communication skills
  10. Ability to write reports, prepare correspondence, and maintain patient care records
  11. Proper implementation of body mechanics and adherence to safety regulations
  12. Ability to identify and propose problem resolutions


  1. Comply with certification and licensure requirements mandated by the state of practice
  2. Adhere to compliance requirements established by HFCA, Medicare, and all contracted carriers; Stay knowledgeable about the accountability of other practice members
  3. Understanding of financial and coding practices necessary for accurate submission of service charges in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations
  4. Knowledge of all applicable regulations concerning billing and collection activities
  5. Respect guidelines for maintaining patient confidentiality
  6. Demonstrate commitment to honest and responsible corporate conduct
  7. Identify, report, and prevent fraudulent or unethical behavior
  8. Notify management promptly if any inappropriate behavior is observed within the organization
  9. Follow electronic security protocols, including using company computers strictly for business purposes and refraining from using cell phones during work hours

HIPAA-Minimum Necessary Access to PHI

This position grants minimal access to the PT/OAC computer role. Our practice strictly enforces the concept of minimum-necessary access to patient PHI to ensure the privacy and security of their information. In order to perform their treatment, payment, and healthcare operations in the best interests of our patients, employees need access to the specified computer role. Role descriptions are explicitly outlined in our HIPAA manual, and computer information is secured with passwords. Upon an employee's termination, their password will be deleted from the system.

EDUCATION: Master's or Doctorate degree in physical therapy from an accredited institution

EXPERIENCE: Completion of clinical internships in physical therapy

CERTIFICATE/LICENSE: Valid physical therapy license in Maryland

Working hours: Monday to Thursday, from 8 am to 6 pm. Comprehensive benefits package offered.

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