Production Coordinator – Walmart experience

Location: Metuchen, NJ

We are currently seeking a Production Assistant who has experience working with Walmart and a solid understanding of their processes, testing protocols, and costing parameters. It is essential that candidates have prior experience working with Walmart as a customer.

The primary responsibilities of this role include collaborating with factories and international teams to determine costing. They will also work closely with the marketing team to establish the items and specifications that need to be quoted. Additionally, they will carefully review orders upon arrival to ensure that the sell prices, factory, port, and other details align with the initial quote.

This position will handle confirming and summarizing the quantity and ship date to Shanghai, India, or Pakistan. They will also obtain necessary deadline dates to ensure on-time shipment. It will be their responsibility to closely monitor all order details with the international teams until the shipment is complete. This includes following up on packaging, carton markings, price tickets, and other related aspects.

Our ideal candidate will also be familiar with domestic warehouse orders and domestic customer routing. They should feel comfortable working with third-party logistics providers and sending customer documents such as sales contracts, proforma invoices, and packing lists as needed.

Our client operates in the home textile industry and is open to candidates with a background in soft goods, textiles, or apparel. This role currently offers a hybrid schedule.

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