Production Superintendent – Marination

Location: Lewiston Woodville, NC
This position requires a Bachelor's degree in Poultry Science, Animal Science, Agriculture, Engineering, or a related field, although equivalent experience will also be considered. Additionally, the following qualifications are preferred:
  1. Minimum of 5 years of experience in the poultry industry, with at least 3 years in operations management.
  2. At least 1 year of experience in marination.
  3. Familiarity with industry-accepted procedures such as HACCP and SPC, as well as knowledge of plant efficiency in terms of yield, pounds per bird per hour, line speeds, and automatic processing equipment.
  4. Proven leadership skills and the ability to drive results.
  5. Strong problem-solving capabilities at both strategic and functional levels.
  6. Ability to supervise and identify training needs for both the operation and associates, and a willingness to provide necessary support for their development.
  7. Commitment to prioritizing the safety of associates while achieving organizational goals.
The Marination Supervisor will be primarily responsible for overseeing the effectiveness and efficiency of the debone department during the first shift. This role involves providing guidance, training, and coaching to Production Supervisors, as well as indirectly to hourly production associates. The incumbent will be accountable for meeting the company's established production goals and creating a safe working environment based on approved procedures. Furthermore, fostering a positive relationship with the production and support staff to establish the company as the preferred employer is a key objective. Specifically, the responsibilities include:
  1. Developing and managing departmental operating budgets to maintain the operation's competitiveness in the industry.
  2. Meeting all operational plans pertaining to yield, birds per man hour, pounds per man hour, line efficiency, CSI, and QI.
  3. Implementing processes to reduce turnover, enhance safety performance, and establish the facility as the employer of choice in the region.
  4. Providing ongoing training to improve the supervisory skills of the staff and enhance the skill set of the hourly production associates, maximizing individual and team performance.
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