Production Supervisor – Marination – 2nd Shift

Location: Lewiston Woodville, NC

The main duties of this role involve achieving required production and quality standards in a safe, efficient, and effective manner, and fostering positive working relationships within the production team. The following tasks will be specifically assigned to this individual:

  • Provide training, guidance, and development opportunities to subordinates to ensure compliance with operating, safety, and quality requirements within their department or area.
  • Oversee the production staff to guarantee product quality and integrity, and to ensure that all finished products meet or surpass customer expectations.
  • Create and maintain a work environment that encourages employee retention through effective planning, communication, coaching, training, and overall workforce management.
  • Devise and implement new ideas and methods, with the approval of management, to enhance production efficiencies, CSI, QI, and the Safety scorecard.

The necessary qualifications for this position include a bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in areas such as Poultry Science, Animal Science, Agriculture, or a related discipline, and at least 2 years of pertinent work experience. The specific competencies required are as follows:

  • Prior experience in a supervisory role is essential.
  • Familiarity with industry-accepted procedures, including HACCP, SPC, etc.
  • Understanding of plant efficiency in relation to factors such as yield, lbs./birds, pmh, line speeds, and automatic process equipment.
  • A proven track record demonstrating leadership skills and the ability to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Capability to prioritize and organize multiple protocols/projects and complete them as scheduled.
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