Project Engineer Design

Location: KEOKUK, IA
During the procurement process for projects, the Design Engineer will actively participate in collaboration with the Project Manager and purchasing department to select Vendors and external Contractors. Throughout the implementation phase of the project, the Design Engineer will oversee the execution studies and construction of the new installation in coordination with Vendors and Contractors, ensuring successful commissioning and performance testing. During the project planning phase, the Design Engineer will independently design and draft using AutoCAD software for 3D modeling, as well as create 2D drawings like lay-outs and general arrangement drawings for the building and equipment installation. In addition, the Design Engineer will develop technical specifications, piping routing, and isometrics. Alternatively, they may coordinate a team of internal and/or external designers and drafters, leveraging their extensive expertise in equipment/piping installation and building design/construction, including civil works and steel structures. Responsibilities:
  • Conduct, develop, and coordinate the overall project study in collaboration with the project manager, internal/external designers, and relevant departments, ensuring a clear understanding of all assigned tasks and roles.
  • Prepare the study foundation by conducting on-site surveys and gathering existing plans.
  • Create and coordinate the layout of 2D/3D plans (Lay-Out) by potentially delegating work to Designers involved in the project.
  • Conduct, develop, and coordinate design studies for new building structures, including civil works and steel structures, as well as equipment installation.
  • Conduct, develop, and coordinate piping studies, including 3D routing, isometrics, and valves lists.
  • Create and coordinate bid packages for building, equipment, and various construction packages, and monitor progress with external service providers such as Vendors and Contractors.
  • Coordinate and review execution studies conducted by Vendors and external Contractors.
  • Oversee the construction of the new installation, collaborating with Vendors and Contractors until the successful commissioning and performance testing.
  • Assign and supervise the work of internal/external designers and drafters, as well as external suppliers involved in the project.

  • Bachelor's degree in an Engineering Discipline.
  • 2-5 years of professional experience.
Additional Qualifications:
  • Previous Project Engineering experience with a project budget exceeding $1 million.
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