Anaheim, CA

PT, Physical Therapist – Per Diem

Per Diem Physical Therapy Assistant - Anaheim, CA

We are currently seeking a per-diem Physical Therapy Assistant to join our team in North Orange County! If you are passionate about making a positive impact on patients' lives and looking for a career with realistic expectations, consider joining our company.

About the Position

As a Physical Therapy Assistant, you will work under the supervision of a Physical Therapist to evaluate and treat patients. Your responsibilities will include restoring muscle strength and coordination, relieving pain, and improving movement and function.

We believe in a collaborative approach, and you will be a valued member of our interdisciplinary team.


  1. Assess available resident information and incorporate it into the treatment process.
  2. Conduct comprehensive functional assessments using standardized procedures, considering home/vocational and equipment needs.
  3. Create and implement individualized treatment plans with achievable functional goals.
  4. Follow evaluation, treatment, and documentation guidelines, maintaining accurate records.
  5. Instruct and supervise Assistants in treatment procedures.
  6. Document progress notes after each treatment session.
  7. Revise treatment plans as necessary.
  8. Prepare clear and concise discharge summaries.
  9. Orient residents to program services and inform them of any potential risks.
  10. Collaborate with nursing staff, residents, and families to maximize functional abilities.
  11. Instruct residents and caregivers in exercise programs and therapeutic procedures to be continued at home.
  12. Assist in the referral process for additional services following discharge.
  13. Participate in rehabilitation team conferences and other department/facility meetings.
  14. Continually pursue continuing education opportunities to maintain clinical competency.
  15. Contribute to the quality improvement process.
  16. Promote the programs and services of Heritage Healthcare in the community.
  17. Adhere to regulatory and professional standards and guidelines.
  18. Provide input on the performance of Assistants to the Rehab Manager.
  19. Follow facility policies, participate in quality improvement and safety programs.
  20. Perform other duties as assigned to deliver quality care to residents.
  21. Understand reimbursement guidelines and allocate therapy resources accordingly.
  22. Stay updated on OBRA regulations, HIPAA, Local Coverage Determination, and third-party reimbursement guidelines.
  23. Promote Compassionate Care and maintain a professional image.
  24. Work independently and seek supervision when needed, supporting colleagues.
  25. Maintain expected productivity levels discussed with your facility.


  1. Bachelor's or Master's degree in Physical Therapy.
  2. Current state license in Physical Therapy.
  3. Preferably, experience in a similar facility serving the same resident population.
  4. Certification, if applicable, and demonstrated competency in specialized areas.
  5. Strong oral and written communication skills.
  6. Proficiency in applying physical therapy principles, methods, materials, and equipment.
  7. Ability to assess resident needs and develop comprehensive care plans.
  8. Knowledge of accreditation standards and compliance requirements.
  9. Able to perform physical tasks safely and for extended periods of time.

Note: This job description does not encompass all the duties of the position as additional tasks may be assigned by supervisors or managers. Your performance will be evaluated based on the tasks outlined in this description.

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