Strongsville, OH

Screen Printer

Job Title: Screen Printing Technician
Job Summary:
The position of a Screen Printing Technician involves overseeing the screen printing process with high-level proficiency.
Supervisory Responsibilities:
• None
• Receives work orders for screen printing jobs.
• Analyzes work orders to estimate printing times, ink, and material quantities.
• Loads screens into the printer.
• Installs and repositions screen printing plates and pressure roles.
• Performs printer calibration before initiating the batch.
• Executes prints and conducts quality checks throughout the printing process.
• Resolves issues as they occur.
Required Skills/Abilities:
• Must ensure the production of high-quality parts within designated timeframes.
• Responsible for maintaining an accurate inventory of shop supplies and materials and informing the foreman for replenishment.
• Keeps the work area clean and orderly.
• Demonstrates excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
• Operates in a safe and responsible manner, following all safety procedures.
• Keeps accurate records of labor and material usage.
• Ability to prioritize tasks effectively.
• Ability to function well in a fast-paced and occasionally stressful environment.
Education and Experience:
• Possesses a high school diploma.
• Previous work experience as a screen printer is required.
• Ability to work with ink and chemicals on a daily basis.
Physical Requirements:
• Demonstrates excellent hand-eye coordination.
• Ability to stand for extended periods.
• Proficient in manually operating large machinery.
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