Irvine, CA

Senior Electrical Engineer (LR-22854)

Senior Electrical Engineer

Essential Cultural Competencies:

· Upholds high ethical standards and prioritizes integrity

· Collaborates effectively as a team player

· Maintains a professional demeanor and appearance even under pressure

· Values entrepreneurship and demonstrates patriotism

· Displays a strong work ethic

· Commits to lifelong learning and personal growth

· Takes responsibility and remains accountable

· Demonstrates organizational skills and keen attention to detail

· Exhibits passion and self-motivation for the work

· Communicates effectively both verbally and in writing

· Possesses a positive and energetic attitude, excels at building relationships, and handles people of all levels effectively

· Demonstrates dedication and loyalty

· Embraces innovation

· Adapts well to change

· Exhibits a strong sense of service for internal and external customers


· Must be a US Citizen

· Holds a bachelor's degree or higher in electrical engineering or equivalent

· Possesses experience and expertise in one or more of the following areas:

o Designing analog circuits

§ Developing DC power supplies

§ Designing batteries and charging systems

§ Creating AC inverters

§ Implementing data acquisition systems (signal conditioning, ADC/DAC)

§ Designing motor drives

§ Creating transistor control and drive circuits (BJT and MOSFET) (Knowledge of GaNFET is a plus)

o Designing high-speed digital circuits

§ Programming with HDL for FPGAs

§ Programming with C, C++, C# language/dialects for embedded processors

§ Working with Xilinx Virtex 4 and 5 devices

§ Having knowledge of Microsemi ProAsic and RTAX is a plus

§ Designing microcontroller/microprocessor systems

§ Creating communication interface designs

§ Designing FPGA testbenches

§ Possessing a strong background in verification/validation

o Using CAD tools

§ Schematic capture and PCB layout, preferably with DxDesign

§ Analog circuit simulation, preferably with Pspice (OrCAD) or LTspice

§ FPGA design, preferably with Microsemi Libero/Xilinx ISE/ModelSim

· Has experience in systems integration and testing

· Can read and understand mechanical drawings, electronic schematics, and software flowcharts

· Familiarity with Microsoft Project and Access is preferred

Key Results:

· Develop HDL code and/or "C" code that meets or exceeds product requirements and specifications

· Design electronic hardware that meets or exceeds product requirements and specifications

· Generate comprehensive documentation for the designs, including design analysis and measurements

· Establish product specifications that meet or exceed customer requirements within given deadlines and budget

· Ensure product quality through the design of effective electrical testing methods

· Prepare complete data reports and design review packages that gain customer approval

Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

· Designing digital and/or analog circuits

· Programming HDL for FPGA devices

· Developing system and firmware architectures that meet requirements, specifications, time, and budget goals

· Conducting component research and selection

· Preparing for and delivering technical presentations to clients

· Collaborating with other engineering disciplines

· Designing efficient and cost-effective product designs

· Other responsibilities as assigned

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