Winesburg, OH

Shift Manager (2nd Shift)

Job Title: 2nd Shift Supervisor

Location: Winesburg, OH

Minimum Requirements:

This role necessitates a minimum of 5 years of relevant experience in a poultry processing plant. While a Bachelor's degree in a related field is desirable, additional experience in the same field can be considered as a substitute for the educational requirement.

  • The ability to collaborate with individuals at all levels of the organization and lead a diverse team towards achieving departmental objectives while effectively conveying the company's vision.
  • A detail-oriented and structured approach to work, coupled with excellent communication skills. The candidate must have a proven ability to work within deadlines and high-pressure situations.
  • Strong problem-solving, negotiation, and decision-making abilities. The candidate should possess excellent follow-through skills and be capable of managing multiple and potentially conflicting priorities.
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and effective communication skills.

**A minimum of 5 years of poultry processing experience is a must.**

Responsibilities and Tasks:

The Shift Manager at our poultry processing plant will be responsible for the smooth daily operation of one shift. This entails ensuring compliance with safety protocols and meeting set goals across all departments under their supervision. The Shift Manager will report directly to the Plant Manager.

  • Supervise Department Managers and Supervisors on the assigned shift.
  • Provide guidance and support to Department Managers and area Supervisors, ensuring their alignment with management goals.
  • Handle all interactions and issues with government entities in coordination with the Plant Manager and Assistant Plant Manager.
  • Oversee the processing of assigned products, adhering to scheduled requirements, cost standards, safety guidelines, environmental regulations, quality control measures, maintenance protocols, sanitation standards, and food safety specifications, with the aim of maximizing output while minimizing costs.
  • Maintain an efficient plant organization to maximize employee utilization and development.
  • Implement strategies to achieve the plant's financial targets and goals.
  • Act as a company-wide safety programs and initiatives champion for the facility.

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