Sr. Controls Engineer

Location: York, SC
•The position of Senior Automation Engineer is responsible for ensuring the delivery of high-quality products to customers in York, SC.
•The main responsibilities include overseeing the control of in-process and finished materials, both domestically and internationally sourced. This includes scheduling and managing manufacturing processes to ensure timely production of quality products.
•The Senior Automation Engineer will actively implement lean principles and Six Sigma processes to drive cost savings while maintaining a high standard of quality.
•In addition, this role will be responsible for developing metrics and achieving financial results that positively impact the company's bottom line.
•Achieving these results will involve improving labor and cost efficiency through the application of lean tools and techniques.
•Furthermore, the Senior Automation Engineer will be involved in the integration of new products or processes into the facility.
•Collaborating with local customers will be necessary to ensure deliveries and quality expectations are consistently met.
•Active participation in customer events such as LEAN and other process improvement initiatives will strengthen long-term customer relationships.
•Taking proactive measures to prevent any non-conformities related to products, processes, and quality systems is a key responsibility of this role.
•Identification and documentation of any product, process, or quality system problems is crucial for continuous improvement.
•Initiating, recommending, and implementing solutions through proper channels are important activities in this position.
•Furthermore, the Senior Automation Engineer will ensure the successful implementation of solutions by verifying their effectiveness.
•In cases where non-conforming products are identified, the Senior Automation Engineer will oversee the control of their further processing, delivery, or installation until the identified deficiencies or unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected as per relevant procedures or delegated authority from the operations manager.
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