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Sr Project Architect (RA)

Principal Architectural Project Manager

Summary of the Role

The Principal Architectural Project Manager leads and mentors the project team on various aspects of the project, encompassing both design and technical elements, as the project progresses through different stages. They are responsible for developing designs and documents from initial concept through the construction phase, adhering to industry and client standards. The Principal Architectural Project Manager often assumes the role of Document Team Leader.

Responsibilities and Duties

Project Leadership:

  • Take on project management responsibilities for assigned projects, including liaising with clients and consultants.
  • Oversee the entire project, from initial design to construction administration.
  • Determine project documentation requirements through research, discussions with Project Manager, PIC, Lead Designer, and client interactions.
  • Create solutions that address the architectural requirements, needs, and complexities of clients.
  • Collaborate with the design team to develop a comprehensive project design that aligns with the clients' needs, budget, schedule, and vision. Provide technical expertise on material and design choices that contribute to the overall project.
  • Supervise the assembly of technical documentation (drawings and specifications) according to client standards for all project phases.
  • Manage the compilation of the project product manual, documenting design decisions.
  • Lead a team of technical staff in developing project technical documentation requirements and solutions.
  • Coordinate with consultants to ensure timely completion of the documentation phases, including the integration of architectural, structural, electrical, and mechanical drawings and specifications. Facilitate communication with engineers and the specifications group.
  • Perform code analysis for assigned projects, reviewing documents for compliance with applicable Federal, State, and Local laws, ordinances, regulations, and statutory requirements.
  • Carry out construction administration tasks, such as reviewing shop drawings, responding to RFIs, conducting site visits, and making document modifications as necessary.

Role of Document Team Leader:

  • Setting Project Documentation Requirements:

    • Communicate document set details to Project Team leaders to develop a milestone schedule for contract documents.
    • Conduct code analysis and validate document compliance.
  • Meeting Documentation Budget:

    • Create a work plan for the document team and delegate tasks among assigned staff.
    • Monitor documentation efforts to ensure adherence to the allocated client hours/budget outlined in the project plan.
  • Completing Documentation Within Project Schedule:

    • Provide documentation milestones to be incorporated into the overall project schedule.
  • Leading and Directing Documentation Team:

    • Direct and oversee the efforts of client document team members and consultant team members to achieve milestones and maintain quality levels as outlined in the project plan.
    • Provide weekly progress reports to the Project Manager.
    • Identify submittals for review during the construction administration phase.
    • Approve elements that deviate from the contract documents during construction administration.
    • Assist in necessary document modifications during construction administration.
  • Ensuring Quality of Drawings and Specifications:

    • Coordinate consultant documentation.
    • Execute details that align with the design direction and intent.
    • Incorporate quality assurance review comments.
    • Compile record documents and input final project space allocations into the Project Journal upon project completion.


  • Conduct Quality Control reviews and possess knowledge of local and state building codes. Notify the team of any potential conflicts.
  • Assist in identifying and pursuing new business development opportunities. Participate in the proposal/interview process as needed. Support the development and presentation of materials, drawings, and models to facilitate the process.
  • Undertake special projects and assignments as assigned or requested.

Requirements and Qualifications

Education and Experience:

  • Hold a Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) or Master of Architecture (MArch) degree.
  • Possess over 10 years of experience in architecture, including managerial and supervisory roles.

Training Requirements (Licenses, Programs, or Certificates):

  • Must be a Licensed Architect with Professional Registration.
  • Demonstrate advanced skills in Computer and Information Management, specifically in Revit.
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