Medina, OH

Staff Internal Auditor

The position of Internal Audit Associate is located in Medina, OH and is a vital role within the Internal Audit Department. As an Internal Audit Associate, you will be responsible for conducting annual internal control audits at the Company’s largest worldwide locations. These audits support “Management’s Assessment of Internal Control over Financial Reporting” and are relied upon by the Company’s external auditor, Deloitte.
Additionally, you will perform annual financial statement audits at certain smaller worldwide locations. You may also be involved in various other projects on an ad hoc basis. Throughout all of these responsibilities, you will report directly to the Manager, Internal Audit.
Being an Internal Audit Associate requires some travel, with an expectation of approximately 20-30% of the year spent traveling. This provides you with the opportunity to gain exposure to different locations and work environments.

Essential Functions:
  1. Evaluate the design and conduct operating tests on key internal controls. After each audit, prepare summaries of the procedures performed and the results achieved. From this assessment, assist in recommending remedial action to enhance operations within an agreed implementation timeline. Conduct follow-up discussions and tests to ensure agreed corrective measures have been implemented.
  2. Perform financial statement audit procedures in accordance with the standard audit program. Summarize the procedures performed and the results achieved following each audit. Collaborate on recommendations for improving operations and establish an implementation schedule. Conduct follow-up discussions and tests to confirm that corrective measures have been implemented as agreed.
  3. Promptly and professionally respond to internal support or assistance requests.
  4. Provide assistance to the Company's external auditors as needed.
  5. Stay up-to-date on laws, rules, and regulations issued by relevant regulatory agencies that the Company must comply with.
  6. Keep your professional knowledge current by actively participating in professional organizations and attending relevant internal and external training opportunities.
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