Why Partner with iLocatum?

Whether you need 10 Maintenance Technicians with ammonia experience, 5 process engineers with BSCE, 5 years experience and plastics extrusion, or 1 Director of Pharma Development with a PhD willing to relocate to Cambridge and travel 30%…we can have you speaking with all of them…this week!

Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Value

  1. Volume: We provide candidates to you on an enterprise level. We have our internal recruiters, and membership in the two largest networks of independent recruiters in America, Top Echelon and NPA Worldwide. Additionally, we advertise your jobs using the latest AI and Programmatic recruitment resources (remember your last car search and jeep ads follow you all over the internet?).
  2. Velocity: With our Recruiters, our thousands strong networks, and the secret sauce in our ads, you’ll be looking at candidates in a few days, and often be looking at the right candidate in a week.
  3. Variety: We work across a variety of Industries, from Healthcare and Manufacturing, to Engineering and Renewable Energy. And we can recruit your next hire, whether that be a technician, engineer, manger, director, or executive.
  4. Value: You’ll have the resources and reach of a large company, true enterprise-scale recruiting at a fraction of the cost.

How it works:

Fill in the Contact Form, send us a message. We’ll answer your message, set up a phone call. We’ll find out what you need, and who you need, and bring them too you. It’s that simple. Take the step!