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Accounting and Finance Recruiting

In the meticulous world of finance, precision is paramount. iLocatum is your conduit to analytical experts who drive fiscal innovation and growth.

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AI & Machine Learning

We find forward thinking and innovative minds developing artificial intelligence technologies that will define the futures of countless industries.

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Chemical Recruiting

We deliver professionals who blend scientific prowess with commercial insight to propel your operations forward.

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Civil Engineering Recruiting

We supply the civil engineering talent that underpins infrastructural innovation and effective urban development.

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Construction Recruiting

Build your next project on solid ground. We equip you with construction professionals who turn blueprints into landmarks.

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Healthcare Recruiting

Patient care is your priority; sourcing top healthcare talent who deliver both care and cure, enhancing patient outcomes and your institution’s reputation.

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Oil & Gas Recruiting

iLocatum specializes in sourcing the talent that keeps the oil and gas sector surging ahead, from exploration to energy production.

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