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At iLocatum, we specialize in elevating your team with exceptional talent, whether on-site or remote. Our unique position as a 14-person agency combines agility with comprehensive coverage, ensuring your direct hire and executive search needs are met with precision and speed.

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Investing in Your Success

We stand out by investing heavily in talent sourcing. Utilizing targeted ads on LinkedIn and Indeed, including LinkedIn Recruiter RPS and Indeed Resume, our approach ensures access to a diverse pool of top-tier candidates, ready to drive your business towards success.

A Partnership Built on Trust

We operate on a contingency basis—a testament to our confidence in our services. If you don’t hire, you don’t pay. This model aligns our goals with yours, focusing on successful direct hire placements that contribute to your business’s growth and success.

Effortless Hiring, Tangible Results

Embark on a journey with iLocatum where hiring is more than a process; it’s a partnership. Experience the streamlined recruitment process with an agency dedicated to comprehending and meeting your distinct staffing needs.

Nimble Yet Mighty

Our team, though small, is mighty in its capabilities and reach. We’re not just recruiters—we’re your strategic partners in hiring the talent you need, providing the kind of personalized attention and responsiveness that only a nimble agency like ours can offer.

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