Locatum (noun) : A Hiring

A Legacy in Recruiting

At the heart of iLocatum lies a story rooted in tradition and one tailored for the digital age. By the Latin term “Locatum” which means “A Hiring” reflects our enduring commitment to connecting talent with opportunity.

Redefining Talent Acquisition

Top Expertise, Unbeatable Value

Offering enterprise-scale recruiting solutions, iLocatum is synonymous with quality and agility. Our clients benefit from vast resources without the hefty price tag. We’ve disrupted the recruiting paradigm, bringing you large-scale solutions with the nimble touch of a boutique agency.

Digital Prowess with a Human Touch

Our robust presence on LinkedIn and Indeed, backed by 7 RPS Recruiter seats and 600+ job adverts, demonstrates our digital prowess. But beyond tech tools, our essence lies in genuine human connections. Each interaction, with active job seekers or passive candidates, reflects our commitment to personalized, human-centric recruitment.

Legacy Meets Modernity

Our brand reflects a harmonious blend of history and innovation. As we revel in the legacy of our Latin language origin, we’re also inspired by the play on words, “I locate ’em,” which is exactly what we do. In this digital era, iLocatum seamlessly integrates time-tested recruiting principles with modern digital strategies.

Multi-Industry Impact

With a firm foothold in industries such as accounting and finance, civil engineering, chemical engineering, oil, healthcare, construction, AI, and machine learning, we build the relationships that carry these and other allied sectors forward.

Embark on
Our Path to Success

At iLocatum, we offer more than recruitment—we promise excellence. Explore our realm and join us in scripting success stories together.