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Mechanical Design Engineer

Mechanical Design Engineer

Position: Mechanical Design Engineer


We are seeking a skilled Mechanical Design Engineer to create innovative layouts for mechanical systems. You will collaborate with CAD Modelers to convert initial draft designs into functional documents. Reviewing engineering drawings and designs will be part of your responsibilities to ensure compliance with established specifications and standards. This role is accountable for designing, developing, and maintaining pump products, systems, and auxiliary equipment. Familiarity with various concepts, practices, and procedures in the field is expected. You will rely on experience and judgement to plan, analyze, predict and evaluate systems and components, striving to achieve objectives. The role encompasses a range of tasks that demands flexibility and the ability to manage multiple tasks concurrently.


As a Mechanical Design Engineer, your primary objective is to contribute to the organization's goals by delivering effective product designs. You will be responsible for creating layout drawings and designing technical project data. This includes the design and documentation packaging of complex mechanical systems such as centrifugal pumps, bearing frames, couplings, machinery guards, and structural components. Conducting calculations, verifying specifications, and determining tolerances and dimensions to establish requirements for capacities, materials, performance, construction, type, etc. is also part of the role. You will provide design support to Product Engineers with the aim of developing and maintaining a product/product family.

Within this position, you will have several responsibilities aligned with the organization's strategic mission.

  • Create accurate drawings of complex component details, assembly drawings, and technical documentation.
  • Ensure the sustainability of existing products by staying informed about field issues, manufacturing/supplier-related concerns, and addressing problems in a timely manner.
  • Manage the cost of product development, sustenance, and enhancement efforts.
  • Ensure the proper utilization of the latest technology throughout the department.
  • Provide design support for prototype evaluation and product validation testing.
  • Demonstrate strong communication skills (verbal and written) to collaborate with various functional departments such as Sales and Manufacturing.
  • Evaluate systems and components for their impact on people's safety.
  • Ensure department compliance with the quality system.
  • Plan assignments in alignment with departmental objectives and schedules. Consult with management on constraints and capacity issues.

  • Perform other related responsibilities as assigned.


· Bachelor's degree in a relevant engineering/design field. At least 2 years of design experience, preferably with rotating equipment or industrial machinery.

· Proficiency in mechanical design/analysis, drafting technology, manufacturing technology, GD&T, test/validation methods, and quality programs.

· Computer skills:

· Proficient in MS Word and MS Excel.

· Experience with SolidWorks is a requirement.

· Prior knowledge of PDM-Works and AutoCAD is preferable.

· Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills with the ability to work independently in a professional capacity.

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