Geismar, LA

Plant Engineer


T Operations:

· Enhance effectiveness, decrease waste, and contribute to expansion.

· Own the engineering aspects of optimizing production processes on the site.

· Assist in troubleshooting efforts, including data collection and analysis for production improvement.

· Develop computer-based tools to enhance efficiency at the site.

· Assist in identifying, developing, and implementing capital projects to improve safety, compliance, quality, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.

· Manage and report plant maintenance budgets and costs.

· Discover and implement projects to reduce costs, energy usage, and improve productivity.

· Lead process optimization activities in collaboration with other departments.

· Lead continuous improvement initiatives, including analysis of root causes, predictive failure analyses, and capital spares management.

· Lead Six Sigma efforts for the maintenance team and actively participate in site teams.

T Maintenance/Project Engineering:

· Maintain optimal operational condition of the plant.

· Lead maintenance craftsmen, parts warehouse, purchasing functions, and computer system.

· Act as the Project Manager for plant projects.

· Maintain plant engineering documentation, including flowsheets, plot plans, electrical drawings, and mechanical integrity files.

· Coordinate with external vendors and service providers for project installations.

· Drive preventive maintenance and inspection programs; oversee all EIT activities.

· Ensure completion of maintenance QA/QC activities on time.

· Ensure timely completion of SOX and ISO activities related to maintenance.

· Oversee all site maintenance activities.

· Ensure full implementation and utilization of SAP PM system and MI systems.

· Use structured problem-solving techniques, analytical tools, and teamwork to enhance product quality.

T Environmental Health & Safety:

· Ensure safety and well-being of all employees by adhering to safety, environmental, and industrial hygiene regulations.

· Promote ownership of EHS throughout the site by actively participating in EHS committees.

· Ensure compliance with OSHA PSM standards, including managing changes effectively.

· Participate in PHA reviews and facility improvements as the MOC Coordinator.

· Investigate EHS incidents and develop solutions to prevent recurrence.

· Contribute to the development and implementation of environmental programs and regulations; assist in tracking and trending data for permit compliance.

· Recommend waste reduction methods and formula changes to minimize process waste.

T Associate Engagement:

· Contribute to team growth and development for an efficient site operation.

· Assist in providing safety, environmental, and technical training to associates.

· Recognize outstanding performance and provide necessary feedback and discipline as required.

· Encourage growth and development by providing constructive feedback during annual performance reviews.

· Participate in 360-degree feedback and Leadership Development meetings; serve as a member of the Site Leadership Team; and support continuous improvement activities for the facility.

· Present key performance indicators to leadership staff and promote a continuous improvement mindset among others.

· Participate in IMPACT and ensure alignment of unit goals with those of the site and the Corporation.


L Bachelor's degree in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering with 3-5+ years of experience in chemical plants, refineries, or equivalent industrial manufacturing.

L Ability to prioritize safety, environmental, and industrial hygiene regulations in all aspects of work.

L Ability to engage with site associates and effectively communicate with all levels of the organization.

L Strong critical thinking and analytical skills demonstrated in all work areas.

L Self-driven with a high level of initiative.

L Strong leadership qualities to engage associates throughout their work processes.

L Ability to drive associate alignment and accountability.

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