Jackson, TN

Process Engineer

The Industrial Engineer is responsible for optimizing facility, equipment, material, and personnel utilization to enhance operational efficiency while upholding Company safety standards. This position is based in Jackson, TN.

  • Minimum requirement: Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering (BSME)
  • Mandatory experience: 3+ years

Your responsibilities:

  • Provide support to manufacturing operations when necessary.
  • Analyze functional statements, organization charts, and project information to define roles and responsibilities of team members and work units, identifying potential duplication.
  • Develop work measurement programs and analyze work samples to establish labor utilization standards.
  • Create standardized work instructions as needed.
  • Assess workforce utilization, facility layout, and operational data (e.g. production costs, process flow charts, and schedules) to optimize the utilization of team members and equipment.
  • Recommend methods to improve team member efficiency and reduce material and utility waste, such as job duty restructuring, workflow reorganization, workstation and equipment relocation, and equipment purchases.
  • Collaborate with management and engineering to implement plans and recommendations.
  • If applicable, supervise Process Specialists in the Process Engineering Department.
  • Maintain regular attendance and punctuality.
  • Additional duties may be assigned.

Your qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in an Engineering discipline, preferably mechanical engineering.
  • Minimum of three years of relevant process engineering experience.
  • Familiarity and experience with lean manufacturing principles, such as Kaizen, 5S, six sigma, and TPS (Toyota Production Systems).
  • Ability to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams and manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Self-starter with a sense of urgency.
  • Detail-oriented with experience in plant floor layout.
  • Mechanical aptitude with a creative mindset.
  • Capable of leading brainstorming activities, problem-solving, and root cause analysis.
  • Proficiency in designing machinery components for existing equipment.
  • Working knowledge of hydraulic systems and components.
  • Proficiency in database software, design software, development software, internet software, manufacturing software, project management software, and spreadsheet software (e.g. Microsoft Office, Autocad, Minitab, Oracle ERP system).
  • This position requires hands-on work and may occasionally involve weekends and holidays during project implementation.
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