Topeka, KS


We are a local provider of precision metal fabrication solutions, offering a comprehensive range of services to clients across various industries in Topeka, KS. Our expertise lies in custom metal fabrication, where we excel in designing and manufacturing high-quality complex enclosures and products that cater to the unique needs of our customers.

Extensive Experience in Structural Welding: We are looking for someone who has demonstrated proficiency in welding on diverse projects involving steel, aluminum, and stainless steel materials.

Expertise in Layout and Fitting: The ideal candidate should possess skilled in accurately measuring, cutting, and fitting components according to blueprints and project requirements.

Proficiency in Blueprint Reading: It is crucial for the candidate to be able to interpret and comprehend complex blueprints, ensuring the precise execution of welding tasks.

Competent in Operating Overhead Cranes: We require experience in safely operating overhead cranes to facilitate material handling and positioning.

Ability to Pass Company Welding Test: Passing our company standards through successful completion of welding assessments is a must.

Proficient in Using Measuring Instruments: Familiarity with various measuring tools such as tape measures, levels, and other instruments is necessary to ensure precise alignment and dimensions.

Ability to Follow Written and Verbal Instructions: We value reliability in following both written instructions and verbal directives to execute welding tasks accurately and efficiently.

Commitment to Workplace Safety: It is important to us that our employees are dedicated to working safely and adhering to all company safety policies and procedures, ensuring a secure working environment for themselves and their colleagues.

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